SEO hosting providers compared

SEO Hosting Packages are special deals webspace, aimed primarily at professional search engine optimizer. But since every website owner can benefit from a better ranking of his project in the search engines, SEO hosting is really interesting for all users.

Besides being able to easily and efficiently manage multiple web projects, the SEO hosting providers also offer from our comparison on their web space packages numerous functions and settings that enable a positive evaluation of the website by the search engines. Search engine optimization is available on all Web space packages, indeed. SEO hosting provides extensive possibilities, especially for running multiple sites with each other to assist with links themselves.

Key Features of SEO hosting packages for search engine optimization

The following functions provide SEO hosting packages from web operators available to influence the criteria for a better ranking: performance.

Even extensive and complex web projects that use content management systems or online shop software, must ensure a fast response time of the server, especially in high visitor usage. The speed of your website is an important ranking factor. The website should be permanently accessible in any case.

If the automatic crawler of a search engine is just to update the index located in the ligand sites perform, while the website can not be reached, this has a negative impact on the ranking.

Exclusive IP address

A web project with an exclusive IP address is considered by search engines as relevant and authoritative, as if to share hundreds of projects a single IP address on the same server.

Linking their own projects with each other

Whoever runs several projects and want that support these mutually with links, each project should best be hosted on a separate IP, in different class C networks. Links from different IPs and class C networks are given more weight than links from search engines, all coming from the same IP or same network.

SEO Hosting – Individuality for a small price

As a full-service Internet agency, we give our customers the ability to host custom built projects in our home. This saves you time and additional communication with 0815 providers.

Our professional hosting solutions, which are also suitable for the use of SEO campaigns can be individually adapted and extended to their project. It is paid only for what is needed – we do not mean the 4950 unused email accounts. This individuality makes us different from 0815!

We offer rapid response, especially to project claim related events are just the World Wide Web is of great importance. The adventitious experience with our systems and familiarity in the familiar surroundings give us the ability to respond quickly and individually to your needs.

With those of external providers we always associate limits that can not either through a lot of communication and even overcome. Some services expect certain requirements to each provider, which the individual customer may want or not.

Our company, however, does not see itself in the middle of the Sahara service. On the contrary, we offer best service and give our customers options, which are not available off the shelf. Do not be content to be a number. We are always personally to the side when it comes to the creation of individual services or expand your hosting.

SEO hosting for link networks and satellite sites

The SEO Hosting for link networks and satellite sites are the second topic on which I would like to address now. SEO hosting, DNS servers and sites should be considered.

The SEO hosting should be done to link networks and satellite sites from the perspective of the search engine. So we take the natural link as a template for SEO hosting so we have different IP addresses. But they are not only in the C-class distinction, but also in the B-Class and A-Class. Many SEO Hoster offer different C classes but it is forgotten that all these are registered in the RIPE on the same SEO Hoster. Here you can read the RIPE data. Look out for SEO hosting on your neighborhood, because if an SEO hosting is identified, all IP addresses are under observation.

But when it comes to SEO Hosting is even more. Now just to name the server your domain name to the IP change. Do you have a SEO Hoster found many of you can give IP addresses or hosts on different V servers, you are most likely to make the mistake of all domains with a provider to register, as it`s low. Normal would be also different here.

Finally, the location of the server. If you have all domains for your link network in the same data center, your alarm bells should now be heard. With a simple traceroute to find the last node.

The SEO Hosting for link networks and satellite sites should therefore be well planned so that your network does not blows up and your pages are punished.


Summary is to say, a good fast server or V-Server search in Germany and cache your content. When hosting for link networks and satellite sites pay attention to the so-called Footprints. We are happy to help you plan and give Ihen more tips on SEO Hosting.